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Participation in Oil, Gas, Petroleum and Energy

Design, Manufacturer and Supplier of Power Plant and Oil Refinery Parts

Now After 11 Years of Experience and Investments, We have Succeeded in Production of Over 16900 Parts

Our Satisfied Partners and Customers

“Pishro sanat sanabad” enterprise-wide according to industry needs in the field of construction and industrial engineering in 2002 following a major industrial group was born in Mashhad and with regard to divine grace, and the attempt in 2007 the collection began its official activities in the field of oil and gas. CNC machining facilities that are unique in the East has doubled the company’s potential to have wide participation of prestigious projects of oil and gas. Looking at his impressive record in the field of energy and petrochemical able and hope “Pishro sanat sanabad” name in the arena of our country forever.

“Industry leading company Sanabad” motivated localized basic industries in the country to design, build, repair and supply of spare parts that due to the potential kinds of valves and compressors in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries in this way the ability to design and manufacture parts and accessories for the industry’s most complex business. With over a decade of experience in the period in which the national economy has helped the resistance to authority, we are also expanding their research activities are able to supply domestic needs with the help of import and export in the production of parts have.

The successes achieved in the development of the country, backed by “industry leading companies Sanabad” lends itself to artisans and to supply equipment and components for the steel, automotive, medicine,. The scope of the service need to increase flexibility and productivity than ever before because it has a strong R & D team will be formed to any challenge simply behind him. In this way and with the aim of improving the service to the industrial and manufacturing sector experienced staff and quality control of products using advanced devices set up to be another step to the prosperity of the country.

Now the” leading industrial group Sanabad” with the best experts in this field has been able to apply while serving the country’s economy through job creation, young and educated workforce and high motivation help them a lot of the technologies in the localization industry. While services growth and prosperity, and thus also indirectly increase employment and GDP will result shows that the outlook is very bright targets leading group of industry.

With the aim of improving and accelerating tasks assigned “Sanabad industry leading group” divided its activities into several departments and that the scientific and industrial capacity, ease of management project is a depending on his needs.

Sanabad industry’s leading computer systems engineering design department using CAD / CAM / CAE and by advanced engineering software such as Procast, Mastercam, Moldflow and Catia design of complex parts possible and set up production lines from initial idea to final production possible Are. The bulk of activity Design Sanabad industry leading company focused on improving the performance of machines and equipment is set.

Production department consists of sand casting production line, die casting, CNC machining and milling CNC centrifuges that next line exclusively in the East has started its activities with apply Centerless and flat grinding lines for the production of the group’s Tvamndy this allows complex components increased and for the first time, parts produced with the process of digital map placed at the disposal of the units and devices.

Department of quality control is one of the newest and most important part of the leading group with the help of impact tests, traction and metallography in vitro as well as NDT non-destructive tests using international standards and approved by the contracting parties to assess the quality of parts and the dimensional tolerance and geometric testing by means of CMM results in the form of a full and comprehensive technical information provided with the certificate obtained.

Department of Commerce to meet the needs of domestic raw materials for local production and increase hardware facilities has started out by providing a variety of superalloy from Russia, Germany, India, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Ukraine, Italy, obstacles such as of the way of its activists. In the next phase supply of critical parts such as valves and pumps, centrifugal pumps and spare parts refinery with equipment of industrial companies has been on the agenda.

The established order of things can cause it to produce and acquire the knowledge necessary to operate in this area to build complex and sensitive parts, we have already only by imports be.

”Industry leading group “ in 2003 following the first domestic refineries and gas stations to localize production of components that country to achieve this prodigious research and development was inevitable. In the early stages of the help and collaboration of other companies active in the field as well as using the right tool for taking measurements and dimensions in our country is possible to build these parts came into being. However, using a three-dimensional scanning all parts ordered in a two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional pieces of technical information with analytical and metallographic material are provided. This means that after a thorough scan and design pieces using conventional methods developed by advanced machines design to the finished product becomes. Now the groups are doing research and development and tests related to quality test results of the test pieces stretch, non-destructive and device design files with the birth certificate map annexed it to the employer’s delivered in the future for the archives of recreating piece.

The final challenge on the way R & D is not possible to transfer some vital pieces of infrastructure to the laboratories for security reasons would be that using portable equipment provided by the group that made it possible for Abadbrdary be sent to all parts of the country and the design in place completed and produced it as soon as possible.

Finally, the task of research and development unit which is then sold it to the employer modeling design and rapid prototyping techniques using laser printing to the action. Relying on the same equipment to design and launch the first virtual production lines using reverse engineering techniques provided that after making production line provides us the chance to work with as well as training skilled workers to do.

The main reason R & D capability and flexibility when producing digital techniques that enable them to benefit from mapping and design pieces of the file containing the information map of the production for and the Department of post production of submit . Standards used by the leading group defined by existing softwares in the market and were developed by the majority of groups that this group is evidence of a movement toward goals.

To request service or readiness to cooperate with the industry’s leading Sanabad with the help of a public relations company, please contact one of the following ways.

Mashhad Office

  • +98(51)38831281

  • +98(51)38831287

  • +98(51)38842341

  • Unit No. 1 – No. 87 – 14th Laleh alley – 8th Hashemieh street – Hashemieh blvd. – Mashhad

Tehran Office

  • +98(21)22924391

  • +98(91)28504069

  • Unit No. 28 – Nazgul bldg – No. 147 – Martyr Vahid Dastgerdi street (A.K.A. Eastern Zafar street) – Tehran

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